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Flight Planning & Requirements

Physical & Health Requirements

Hot air ballooning requires physical agility when climbing into the basket and when holding on during landings. Passengers who do not qualify for all of the requirements listed below should speak with the pilot or crew chief prior to purchasing a ride certificate. The following requirements are in place for your safety and enjoyment of the flight:

  • Riders must be capable of understanding and following directions, and if 12 or under, must be accompanied by an adult.

  • Riders must be in good overall health, be able to stand for at least one hour, and be capable of bending knees slightly and hanging on tightly to handles during landings.

  • Riders should not be pregnant, suspect of being pregnant, or recovering from a recent surgery or injury.

  • Older riders or riders who do not meet all of the above requirements must inform AZ Air Ventures prior to purchasing a ride certificate. Riders should be physically capable of jumping off a footstool.

Flight Planning

WEIGHT:  Balloon flights are planned based on outside temperature and the estimated passenger payload (total weight of the passengers). To properly plan your flight, we must know the combined weight of all passengers. Misrepresenting your weight may result in your flight certificate being forfeited.

CLOTHING: Flat-sole, closed-toe shoes are required (no heels or sandals). A light jacket and layers are recommended for colder days rather than a heavy coat.

FLY DAY: The length of flights depends on weight, winds and temperature. Flight length is not guaranteed beyond 45 minutes, but most flights last an hour to an hour and a half. Plan approximately three hours for the entire adventure. Before the flight, your pilot and crew will give you a pre-flight briefing on what to expect. Please pay close attention. As is customary in any service industry, a gratuity is not required but always appreciated.

"If you love the ride, tip the guide!" Tips typically start at 15% per passenger. Don't forget your CAMERA!

Liability Waiver

On the day of your flight, you will be asked to sign an electronic liability waiver. Please carefully read the waiver here before the day of your flight.

Click here to read waiver.

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