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From time to time, find uploaded pictures of our recent adventures. If you have any pictures along the way, feel free to send them and we'll put the photos in our albums.

Also, feel free to jump over to youTube and enjoy all of our passenger videos.

American Fork, UT Balloon Event
After flying so much in Park City, UT, a friend asked me to fly in American Fork. Totally different experience in a city. Ended up landing on a quiet little street. Actually got help from the neighbors to move the balloon to the cultasac.
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Gallup 2016
Only flew on Sunday, as bad weather prevented Friday and Saturday flights.
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Just Ducky's First Flight
Although "Just Ducky", formerly "Aerloon", has flown many hours, it's a new balloon within the company. Bright and yellow, it stands out by the logo's of Ducks (well, actually they are Loons, but who's a duck expert?). Here are a few shots of her first flight with AZ Air Ventures, LLC.
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Training with Tim Taylor, Top Gun Pilot
With "Just Ducky", it's a new Cameron system for us. Top Gun Pilot Tim Taylor is an expert on Camerons. He volunteered himself and his family to come out and tweak "Just Ducky" into shape. And oh ya, while we were there, why not get a few pointers from him.

Thanks to his family for being t...
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